Moot Court

Ultra-modern Moot Court established in 2009 leveraged modern ICT infrastructure and integrated student/learning management systems making both online and physical mooting feasible amidst Covid-19. The facility has the exclusive advantage of access to eLearning resources which has strengthened the learner’s ability to research and produce high-quality pleadings. The combination of video conferencing and wireless technology allows for external and international networking thus presenting the opportunity to accommodate e-moot competitions involving teams from every corner of the globe. We have made it more student-centered, in a self-paced format, and it encourages students to take responsibility for their mooting lessons as a teaching methodology. The moot court provides a platform within which the school nurtures problem-solving skills, legal analysis, legal drafting, submissions and public speaking skills of learners. Prior to the establishment, of Mount Kenya University, Parklands Law School integrated mooting as a teaching methodology in classes.

The Moot Court has a capacity for a hundred (100) people with ingrained information, communication and instruments to facilitate learning. The instruments include high-resolution projectors, Computers, Laptop Portals, quality inbuilt output speakers, judges bench and comfortable mesh chairs. A paperless registry exists with five computers to enable learners to file appropriate documents. is meant to encourage students to develop problem-solving, legal analysis, drafting, legal submissions and public speaking skills. Mooting forms a compulsory a of the undergraduate law.

The Moot court gives students valuable practical experience in both legal research and persuasive argument, as well as gives students the chance to make contacts with practising lawyers, Judicial officers, intergovernmental organisations and UN agencies. It prepares students with mooting experience crucial, point-earning activity on both the Bar Professional Training Course and Legal Practice Course application process that leads to the excellent performance of MKU students in the Advocates Training Programme.

Through the Moot court, the Campus has entered into synergetic partnerships with legal institutions to offer public lectures on trial advocacy and mooting techniques.

The Objectives;
1) To enhance mock legal hearings and offer a systematic training process on the essential skills of problem-solving, legal analysis and drafting of legal submissions;
2) To enhance the learner’s practical legal skills and acquisition of knowledge hub on thematic areas of law which creates significant opportunities for educational and personal achievement;
3) To develop the learner’s confidence in public speaking, negotiation, communication, presentation and analytical skills;
4) To provide a platform for intense legal research, writing and oral advocacy skills that craft competitors to be more marketable to legal employers;
5) To afford learners networking opportunities during National and International external moot court competitions.

Firdaous Integrated Services International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition is due to begin on the 23rd of May 2023

Since 2011, the school has participated in several regional and international competitions including the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Competition, the Regional Rights Moot Court Competition in South Africa, the All African Moot Court Competition, the International Jurist Commission Kenya section (ICJ competition) essay, 7th Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot court competition in Geneva. The School has been privileged to host the Court Manfred Lachs space law Moot competition among others. In recent years, the school has participated in the King’s College in London, Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot, the Environmental and Climate Justice Moot, the Red Cross Inter-University International Humanitarian Law Moot Competition, the Firdaous Integrated Services International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition, The Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) Mediation Moot Competition, the Equally Now Moot Court Competition on Two-Thirds Gender Rule, the Intervarsity competition in partnership with Amnesty Kenya among others.

Parklands Law Campus, Winner, Climate Refugees Moot Court Competition in Rwanda July 2023
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