Judicial attachment

Judicial attachment at the Mount Kenya University Law Campus is undertaken both at the Bachelor’s at the completion of the 3rd Year 2nd Semester and Diploma level at the completion of the 2nd Year 1st  semester.

It gives the students an opportunity to gain insight on the interaction of the theoretical aspect of the law with the practical feature of it. The students get an occasion to leave the classroom set up and experience the practicalities of litigation in the court room.

For a period of six (6) weeks the students are attached to different law courts within the Jurisdiction of Kenya where they sit in actual court rooms with the presiding magistrates and apply what they have learnt from their lecture halls.

The Bachelors students are customarily expected to be designated to undertake this period under the direct superintendent  of the Magistrates in their respective stations, whilst their Diploma counterparts are assigned to assit and learn from the different registries as per their training.

Respective stations reserve their discretion on allocation of the students to the magistrates and registries.

Emeritus Chief Justice David Maraga, as he released the  State of the Judiciary and the Administration of Justice Annual Report 2019/2020; stated that Mount Kenya University Parklands Law Campus was reported as having the highest number of students on Judiciary attachment during this period. The experience has handed the students a great learning experience which undoubtedly they have been able to put into practical use as they progress with their education